Be Prepared in Case of an Emergency

1 Apr

A number of recent tragedies illustrate just how quickly our lives can be turned upside down. First and foremost, we at Safeguard share our thoughts and prayers with all of the men, women, children and families that have been affected by recent events.

This timely message addresses an issue that most of us probably haven’t really thought about. As residents of the Desert Southwest being prepared to handle a catastrophe isn’t high on our priority list. While we are less likely to experience some of these recent disasters, planning for an unforeseen emergency is still an important consideration.

We thought it was important to share information on how to prepare for an unforeseen disaster. This includes having an emergency kit, putting together an emergency plan and communicating this information to family members. These are important tips that we hope you find helpful. You need to be ready should an emergency presents itself.

Earthquakes Strike Quickly




Should a disaster strike, you probably won’t have the time needed to put together a survival/emergency kit. It is recommended that you put together several emergency kits including; an Emergency Car Kit, a 72-Hour Emergency Kit and a Medical Kit and store them in easily accessible areas. A good 72-Hour Emergency Kit should include:

  • First aid kit (click here to see American Red Cross suggestions)
  • LED flashlight and extra batteries
  • 3-day supply of water for each family member
  • 3-day supply of food and snacks (nonperishable food items are suggested)
  • Prescription medications (keep an eye on expiration dates)
  • Maps of surrounding areas
  • Waterproof bags, boxes or containers
  • Wet towelettes and personal sanitary items
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Matches or lighter in a waterproof container
  • Cell phone with extra battery and charger
  • Tools (wrench, pliers, hammer, can opener, etc.)
  • Change of clothing (climate appropriate)
  • Blankets and sleeping bag
  • Cash in small bills and coins ($200 or more)

These are essentials when preparing an emergency kit. Depending on the types of emergencies you could encounter, you will want to pack additional supplies that match those needs.

You should also develop an emergency plan. This plan should take into consideration your location, situation and emergencies you could encounter. Share this plan with family members to ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do in an emergency. Your emergency plan should include a meeting location and plan for when everyone isn’t together, important phone numbers and an out-of-state contact. Equally important, inquire about emergency plans for both your child’s school and your work.

It’s important to have both an emergency kit and plan in case you are forced to evacuate your area quickly. Having an easily accessible and pre-made emergency kit and meet up location for family members can help in this process. Always try to have plenty of gas in your vehicle and know your local routes (as some may be blocked due to heavy raining, flooding and/or heavy traffic.

The first step is realizing that almost anything can happen at any time. Planning for the unexpected improves the chances that you and your family remain safe. While many of us don’t like to think about bad things happening, being prepared for when they do is smart. Follow these steps to make sure you are ready should the unexpected occur. Share these with friends and family members so that they are too.

Our number one mission at Safeguard is to help keep our customers safe. We encourage you to become independent and better prepared to stay safe during an emergency.

Rising Waters During a Flood


Showcasing Security at the Arizona Home and Garden Show

14 Jan

Safeguard enjoys meeting with Valley homeowners to discuss the importance of having a security system, how it protects both your home and family and the emerging trends within the security industry. We are looking to this weekend’s Arizona Home and Garden Show, hosted at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, as another opportunity for us to do so.

Safeguard will be there all weekend, in the Agriculture Building at booth #923. Our friendly staff will be showcasing a variety of security systems, surveillance cameras and other newest products; including Enhanced Security. Make sure to stop by and say hi. We would love to answer any questions  that you may have about equipping your home with a security system.

Security and Home Automation

Enhanced Security Combines Security and Home Automation

It’s important in today’s home market to invest what you can afford into your home. When making improvements to your home, it’s equally important to secure those with a security system. During these troubling economic times, having protection for you and your family is also critical. To help you accomplish this, Safeguard has developed many programs to lower the cost of equipping your home with such protection. If you are at the show, stop by and ask a friendly Safeguard representative about how we can provide you the premiere protection Safeguard is known for.

We hope to see you out at the show!

The Importance of Giving Back

11 Jan

As a family owned and operated business, the concept of giving back to our community, which has helped made Safeguard Arizona’s leading provider of security solutions, is not new. In fact, many Safeguard employees, including its Management Team, are involved in numerous charities. Involvement ranges from serving on Executive Boards to participating in marathons, food drives and other fundraising events.

Safeguard does not like to promote our involvement with charitable organizations often. If it’s promoted too often, it is our belief that it actually lessens the sincerity of that contribution. Still, we made a donation to a local elementary school last week that we really wanted to share.

Safeguard employees held an internal school supplies drive leading up to our Holiday Party. Our employees were provided a list of supplies that one lucky local school needed for their students’ classrooms. This school, Santa Fe Elementary School, was chosen after we had held an essay contest to share how the supplies would be utilized by the Students and Teachers. Collection boxes were placed throughout Safeguard, employees were allowed to make cash donations and we even had a “Dunk Tank” where various Management Team members took turns getting soaked by employees that made a charitable contribution.

safeguard security dunk tank, charitable dunk tank, school donation, philanthropic company example

Managers Getting Soaked for a Good Cause

Safeguard employees raised nearly $2,000! Even more special, Safeguard owner John Jennings matched the contribution. In all, Safeguard was able to raise $4,000 to purchase the school supplies that Santa Fe so desperately needed.

Our contribution really hit home when we delivered all of the supplies to the school. The students made signs thanking Safeguard for their help, ABC 15 came out to view the event, and we were able to deliver the materials to the students in their classes. Looking at their faces light up upon receiving these donations helped us to truly understand the difference we had made.

While Safeguard protects many of our local schools with Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Access Control, Security, Surveillance Camera and other security related systems – this was a contribution that truly helped the school. Making a difference in someone’s life, helping a child get a better education and helping a school that struggles with ever-shrinking education budgets was pretty special.

To view ABC 15’s mentioning of this event, please click here.

To view pictures of  Safeguard delivering the school supplies, please click here.

Always Use Caution…

30 Dec

Both in our blog, and in our usual business endeavors, we try our best to emphasize the importance of not only having a security system, but using personal caution in any suspicious situation.  Recently, a perfect example of this necessity presented itself.  Safeguard received a call from a client informing us that two people, claiming to be Safeguard employees, showed up at their front door around 6PM at night. It was an older man and woman, wearing blue jumpsuits with red and white patches on the shoulders, which did not have any Safeguard identification.

The man told the homeowner that Safeguard had recently sent a letter advising clients that technicians would be coming out to upgrade their alarm system.  The client explained that she never received a letter and that she only lets those with a scheduled appointment into her home.

Taking note of this suspicious activity, the client then contacted the Phoenix Police Department to file a report.  When the police officers arrived, they checked with a neighbor and were told that the same individuals offered them a lower monthly rate if they agreed to a system upgrade.  Although those neighbors weren’t currently our customers, the two suspicious individuals represented themselves again as our personnel that could provide them with discounted service and rates.

security system use, security system benefits, home invasion preventionThe officers applauded the customer’s judgment for not letting the strangers into her home. They specifically mentioned the importance of having a security system and using it regularly. The officers were planning a “crime sweep” in the area and have advised her to call 9-1-1 if the individuals return. They believe that those individuals could very likely been trying to perform a home invasion or casing the home to rob it later.

Again, we’d like to remind you to never let unauthorized or unscheduled individuals into your home. It is important to not only have a security system, but to use it regularly. There are many scam artists and criminals that will pose as service technicians, for all types of trades and services, to get access into your home. Do not be fooled and do not let them in.  The client mentioned in this story had a strict protocol to never allow unscheduled visits into her home, and this may have saved her life.  Though preparation may seem to be a hassle at times, imagine the much larger hassle it can prevent.

Safeguard reminds you to use your security system regularly, and to use caution in the constant protection of your home.  Your safety is our priority.  If you ever feel unsafe, please to not hesitate to contact us for additional tips and safety plans.

Safeguard and Habitat for Humanity

28 Dec

safeguard security, habitat for humanitySafeguard partnered with Habitat for Humanity to provide a security solution for Heather Turner’s new home in New River, Arizona.  Heather’s son Carson, who is 5 years old, has cerebral palsy.  His therapist recommended that Carson needed a place to play, climb, dig, run and move around to improve his physical condition. He now has that backyard to do this.

As a single mother to Carson, Heather was selected by Habitat for Humanity Desert Foothills to receive a new home. To qualify for a Habitat for Humanity home, prospects must be able to pay for the house, be willing to put in between 200 to 400 hours of work into the home and be a U.S. resident.

safeguard security, habitat for humanity

New Habitat Homeowner Heather is seen in the middle

Kurt Warner and his organization, First Things First Foundation, donated the furnishings for the home.

Safeguard provided services to first protect the home and all of the new furnishings and appliances as it was being built. We then provided the system and free monitoring for 6 months to help keep Heather and Carson safe in their new home.

Now, Carson has room to play and be active in a large backyard.  In addition to this, Heather is able to raise her son without the fear of living in an unsafe home.  Special thanks to Habitat for Humanity for allowing us to contribute to this very special cause!

Merry Christmas to all…

25 Dec

merry christmas, merry christmas from safeguard, safeguardus, safeguard phoenixWell, you did it! You listened to our tricks and tips and hosted your friends and family with no flaws.  The side dishes are prepped, the centerpieces are sitting delicately on the tables, and your family trickles in for special moments of love, laughter, and memories.  Today, soak it all up.  You’ve worked hard, and it is time to relax! Enjoy this special day with your family, and be thankful for all you have.  A very Merry Christmas from your friends at Safeguard!

Top Ten Entertaining Tips

23 Dec

holiday stress, holiday stressbusters, holiday entertaining  tips, safety tips, safeguardFor some of you, the entertaining has already started.  Perhaps your mother, uncles, brothers, and in-laws have all been in town since Monday morning.  For others, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day may be the long-awaited events.  Nonetheless, all who are entertaining this holiday season may need a few safety tips and tricks.  For all of your holiday needs, we are here to help.  That is why today’s post will be a one-stop-shop for all your quick entertaining needs. offers a great top ten list.  We’ll give you our Safeguard summary below! Continue reading