Got a Grouchy Teen?

2 Dec

All parents reach the dreaded time period eventually.  For some, it starts early, when kids hit the double digits.  Others have it easy til the kids are soon-to-be high school grads.  For a very select few, kids are perfectly behaved and obedient, inflicting no stress upon their parents.  Whichever scenario you find yourself in, there is a best case scenario, and it is all in the preparation.  This important planning stage helps to ensure not only a stable relationship with your teen, but also a safe environment for your teen.

setting teen rules, safe homes

Clearly, this presents a very important question: How do I set rules without losing my teen’s respect?  This is a valid concern; teenagers are truly young adults, and micro-parenting can have serious implications.  It is important to have justifications for your rules, so that teenagers can understand their existence.  Talk to your teen, and work together to come up with acceptable rules in the following categories:

  • Curfews – how late is too late?
  • Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco – if teenagers understand the safety implications behind these substances, they will be less likely to use them.  However, be sure that your teens understand that if they have had a drink, you will always give them a ride home, no matter the situation.
  • Friends – if your teenager is unwilling to introduce you to a friend, that friend is probably not worth having.
  • Outings – how often should your friend check in when out without supervision?

Of course, rules will vary based on each household.  However, a conversation about acceptable rules is always a safer bet than assigning rules with no input from your teenager.  Remember, Safeguard is always here to help.  Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to call!


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